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Work Related

Employment related hearing tests fall into two categories. The first is when a job requires a certain level of hearing to be able to complete the duties safely. The second relates to situations where the work environment is very noisy. Our clinicians at Advanced Hearing Solutions can assist you with either of these types of work-related hearing needs.

Certain jobs require you to hear well. This might be because of the equipment involved, or because the job involves emergency situations where not hearing something can be dangerous for you or someone else. Often in these cases, the organisation will require a hearing test either as part of the interview process or before you start the job if your application is successful. This is often referred to as a pre-employment hearing test.

The Hearing Test

The hearing test may vary slightly depending on the requirements of the job and the results will be either given to you to be forwarded to the employer or sent directly to the employer. Either way, the results will be discussed with you by your Advanced Hearing Solutions clinician. The aim of this test is to ensure your current hearing levels are sufficient to safely perform your job.

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What if I work in a noisy environment?

The second category of workplace related hearing tests relates to the situation where the work environment is noisy. Noise can be very damaging to your hearing, but noise related hearing loss is generally preventable. Jobs that are noisy often involve the use of loud machinery. Noise has a cumulative effect – the longer you are exposed to it the more damage it can do. Therefore, it is important to consider not just how loud the machinery is, but also how long it is used for and what hearing protection is being used. It is not unusual for a workplace to want a baseline hearing test in these situations, as well as screening tests throughout your employment, and at the conclusion of your employment. This enables both you and your employer to identify changes in your hearing during your employment.

By monitoring your hearing, steps can be taken in terms of hearing protection should you start to show signs of noise induced hearing loss. It could be that even if you are wearing hearing protection you need something stronger, or it could be that the fit of the hearing protection is not right for you and therefore not providing you with adequate protection. Hearing monitoring for those working in noisy environments also provides information should you need to submit a compensation claim due to a hearing loss thought to be caused by exposure to noise in the workplace.

Concerned about your staff’s hearing?

If you own a business, we can assist you with occupational noise management and hearing tests for your employees. This includes advice regarding appropriate hearing protection for your employees. If you are an employee concerned about your hearing in the context of noise exposure at work, we can also advise you regarding appropriate hearing protection.

Self-employed people working in noisy environments can also benefit from monitoring of their hearing and advice on which hearing protection to use. Sometimes when working for yourself it is easy to de-prioritise monitoring your own hearing, but given hearing loss has lifelong consequences it is important to keep an eye on it.

Work related hearing claims

Advanced Hearing Solutions is a registered Work health and Safety Provider for SIRA, iCare and WHS NSW. This means we can assist you with evaluating your hearing and making a claim should your hearing be damaged through your employment. If you think your hearing may have been damaged through workplace noise exposure, contact us for an assessment.

What happens next?

Whatever your work-related hearing needs our expert clinicians can guide you. Depending on your need this might include:

  • Providing pre-employment hearing tests
  • Providing regular hearing checks
  • Providing guidance regarding hearing protection
  • Assisting you with a Workcover application to obtain assistance for a work-related hearing loss

Whether you are looking for services for yourself or your staff, contact us to see how we can help.

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Or if you have any questions, let us know and we will get back to you. We are here to help, if you are not sure where to start to or what you need, get in touch and we will help you.

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