Advanced Hearing Solutions FAQ

Should I get my hearing tested?

If you have any concerns about your hearing – or your child’s hearing – we strongly recommend a hearing test. A comprehensive hearing test is the only way to ascertain if there are any issues with your hearing.

How do I know if I have a hearing loss?

There are a number of indicators of hearing loss. However they can be quite subtle in the beginning and become more noticeable over time. You might, for example, feel that people are mumbling or need to ask people to repeat what they have said more often, or that hearing in noisy environments is more difficult than it used to be. You may also notice that you don’t hear sounds you used too (eg: the microwave, doorbell or car indicator), or that you turn the TV up louder. It may also be that a loved one first mentions that they don’t think you are hearing well. If you notice any of these signs it is important to have a hearing test.

Am I too young to have a hearing loss?
Hearing loss is more prevalent in older people, but it can occur at any age. Therefore, you are never too young to experience hearing loss. If you suspect you may have a hearing loss, the best thing to do is have a hearing test.
If I have a hearing test, do I have to get hearing aids?

Our expert clinicians at Advanced Hearing Solutions can guide you as to what the best treatment is based on the results of your hearing test. If your clinician recommends hearing aids it is because you will benefit from them. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Not everyone tested is diagnosed with a hearing loss, or a person may have a hearing loss that is not yet causing difficulties. Hearing tests are a great way to benchmark your hearing so that our clinicians can record and report if there are any changes year to year.

If I have a hearing loss in both ears do I need hearing aids in both ears?

We hear best when we hear as well as possible in both ears. So, if you have a hearing loss in both ears, we will usually recommend two hearing aids. Your clinician will discuss what is best for you based on your hearing loss and circumstances, including whether two aids are recommended, and the advantages of both hearing aids for you.

Will hearing aids return my hearing to normal?

Hearing aids do not cure your hearing loss. What they do is help you hear in the situations you are struggling in. Everyone is different in terms of what hearing aids can do for them. Your clinician will discuss what to expect from hearing aids based on your hearing and communication goals.

I have heard hearing aids don’t really work in noise and that is where I have the most difficulty. Why should I get a hearing aid?
Hearing aid technology has improved tremendously. Many people remember their parents or grandparents with older technology turning their hearing aids off in noise because they just made it worse. But with advancements in technology, hearing aids are now much better at helping people in hear noise and can automatically adapt to different listening situations. If you have concerns, raise them with your clinician who can provide you with information on what to expect from hearing aids in your specific circumstances.
How do I know which hearing aid is best for me?
Your Advanced Hearing Solutions clinician is there to guide you as to what is the best hearing aid for you. As you go through the assessment process our clinician will look at your ear anatomy, hearing loss, communication needs and your personal preferences to ascertain the best options for you. They will then discuss these with you. If you have any questions about why a specific hearing aid is being recommended, just ask us.
I have heard hearing aids are expensive. Can I just get a cheap one?

Hearing aids do range in price. Generally, the more expensive the hearing aid, the more sophisticated the technology, features, and benefits. However, not everyone needs the higher levels of technology. As part of the hearing assessment process, your clinician will discuss with you what level of hearing aid is most appropriate based on your hearing and your communication needs to find the most cost-effective solution for you.

I am a pensioner; can I get a discount on hearing aids?

If you are a pensioner, you will be eligible for subsidised hearing aids under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. Our staff at Advanced Hearing Solutions can help you access this program and as an approved provider we can provide you with services through this program.