Kids’ Corner

Your child needs a dentist to check their teeth, an optometrist to check their eyes, and an audiologist to check their ears. But not all audiologists are equipped to work with children.

Kids are Not Small Adults

Children are not small adults

Paediatric audiologists are professionals who examine children for hearing loss and related issues. They specialise at recognising the early signs of hearing loss in your child, and by reacting fast, can ensure your child’s speech and language development can be as close to “on target” as possible.

Early Warning Signs in Your Child

Early Warning Signs

As your child may not realise they have difficulty hearing, it can be hard for them to understand what ‘normal’ hearing is. The good news is we now have a variety of tests to identify if your child has any hearing loss. We recommend seeing your local GP or paediatric audiologist if your child displays any of the following signs:

Poor concentration or inattentiveness
Talking loudly and listening to media at loud volumes
Inability to identify where sounds are coming from
Complaint of a ringing sound in the ears
A dip in school grades
Mispronounced words

How Do We Help Children with Hearing Loss?

How We Help Children

We will select tests that best suit your child’s age, ability and overall circumstances. We will then design and implement a treatment plan which may include hearing aids, cochlear implants, or treatment of any underlying medical condition. If needed, an ENT (Ears, Nose & Throat) doctor will also be enlisted to help with the assessment.

Where to Get Help

Where to Get Help

If you believe your child has hearing loss, please get in touch with your local doctor or get in touch with the team at Advanced Hearing Solutions for a hearing consultation. Call 1800 802 682 to make your booking today.