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Sometimes, those people that we care for need assistance to manage their hearing and hearing loss. Advanced Hearing Solutions recognises the important role carers have in supporting a person with their hearing loss and is offering training modules for aged care workers and other who support people with hearing loss.

Do you work in an aged care facility? The incidence of hearing loss increases significantly as people get older. This means those in aged care facilities are more likely to have a hearing loss. They may also need support in managing their hearing loss and hearing aids. Not receiving this support can make things more difficult for both the care worker and the person being cared for.

Recognising hearing loss in the elderly is an important step to avoiding the consequences of hearing loss. Sometimes with elderly and frail people it can be tricky to tell the difference between hearing loss and other conditions such as cognitive impairment. Therefore, knowing the signs of hearing loss enables you to recognise when a client may require a hearing assessment.

Communicating with a person with hearing loss can be challenging. Hearing aids do not return a person’s hearing to normal, so even if they are fitted with hearing aids, communication can still be challenging. This can be particularly so in noisy situations such as the dining rooms or recreational areas of aged care facilities. However, there are numerous tactics you can use to make communication more effective. Our training program takes you through these skills so your communication with your clients with hearing loss is more effective.

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Why is Training Important?

If an older person has a hearing loss that is not appropriately treated, it can result in social isolation and mental health difficulties which can vastly affect their quality of life. It can also result in communication difficulties that can have consequences such as frustration for both the carer and the care worker. As a care worker, it can be difficult if the person you are caring for is not able to answer your questions or follow your requests. But they cannot do this if they cannot hear you. This not only makes it difficult for you to perform your job, but it can also compromise the person getting the care that they need. Being able to provide quality and effective care to your clients is important for both you as a carer and the person you are caring for. Being able to support the hearing and communication needs of your clients helps you do this.

Benefits of Rehabilitation training for carers

By completing our rehabilitation training for carers training you will understand how to support the people you care for who have hearing loss. Hearing well not only means the person with a hearing loss will enjoy a better quality of life but it will also make your communication with them easier.

Who can benefit?

Anyone who is a carer for a person with hearing loss can benefit from this training. Aged care workers will often have clients with hearing loss due to the increased incidence of hearing loss in the elderly, and would benefit from this training. However, others who may benefit include disability support workers or family members who care for a loved one with hearing loss.

What’s Next?

At Advanced Hearing Solutions, we recognise the importance of care workers being able to support the hearing and communication needs of your clients. We have designed tools and information specifically to help you support your aged care residents with their hearing and communication needs. This includes recognising hearing loss, communicating with a person with hearing loss and hearing device management.

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