Adult tests, pre-employment testing, site tests, pensioners and self funded retirees.

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Our Locations

Visit our conveniently located Bathurst clinic right opposite the church.

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Family Owned

We are an independent hearing service provider with no affiliation to any hearing aid manufacturer.

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Our Hearing Services

Choosing the right hearing solution is never easy. We will guide you with instructions on use, handling and care of your hearing devices, so you can trust you’re always in safe hands.

Adult Hearing

Hearing loss affects more than just your ears. A regular checkup is important to ensure you remain healthy and balanced.

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Children Hearing Tests

Hearing loss can also affect children. By testing your kids early, you can always be sure to identify any issues early.

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Pre-employment Testing

Many employers request a hearing check before employment to ensure it meets workplace safety standards.

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Police Assessments

To enter the police entrance hearing assessment you must pass this test

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Hearing Aid Batteries and Repairs

Got any issues with your hearing aids? Drop it off with us to get it repaired.

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Free Hearing Aids for Pensions/Veterans

You may be eligible for free hearing aids if you are either a pensioner or veteran in Australia.

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