Receiver-In-the-Canal (RIC)


Signia Pure BT X

Small and slim, the Signia Pure BT X is fully automatic with a 312 battery and an award-winning style.

Livio AI

Livio AI a world's first

Hearing Reality better replicates natural hearing

Livio AI hearing aids introduce a brand new technology called Hearing Reality™. The ear’s version of virtual reality, Hearing Reality uses high-speed, high-definition computer processing to manage, separate and help us focus these many layers of sound to better replicate natural hearing.

The result is immersive, authentic hearing, where quiet sounds are quiet, noise can be “ignored”, and you’re able to focus on the sounds (or signals of interest) that matter and that you want to hear.

In trials, Livio AI hearing aids earned a 98 percent satisfaction rating for sound quality, and wearers noted a significant reduction in listening effort, which — if you have hearing loss — is what you want, especially in loud, noisy places.


ReSound Quattro

Crisp & distortion free sounds

With ReSound LiNX Quattro both low and high-pitched sounds are fuller and more natural. Quiet situations are truly quiet and louder sounds are comfortable, crisp and distortion-free. Children’s laughter and the high notes and deep tones in music, are now fuller and more enjoyable.